Brazenface isn’t just a newsletter. It’s a true story about facing fear. One that’s unfolding as we speak.

For all of 2022, I’m doing everything that scares me—and documenting the adventures that transpire with comics, photos, and extra saucy essays. But why am I on a quest for courage? And who even am I? Here’s the project backstory, illustrated by yours truly:

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What awaits for subscribers

Expect an email every two weeks, fresh out of the newsletter oven on Mondays, from me, your nervous courage crusader.

As a writer, illustrator, and photographer, I’ll be creating a multimedia medley of newsletter content designed for your inbox.

Some weeks, you’ll get essays—the kinds I like to read: forthcoming, mildly controversial, or outright outrageous. Other weeks, you’ll unearth photo essays, films, illustrations, or whatever other medium I’m pushing myself to pursue.

I’m chronicling my Brazenface experiment on a relatively modern source: Substack. It’s a wonderful platform that permits mixed media, the hottest of takes, and—despite it all—community.

So, opine in the comments. Reply to the biweekly blasts. Forward what feels right, and if the brazen spirit compels you: delight in your own courage, wherever it may lead.

Brazenly and anxiously,

As of February 2022, Brazenface is a Substack featured publication. An eek!-worthy honor.

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